Mailing Address:
Stacey Bloom
Tax Collector
PO Box  123
Mammoth, PA 15664
Ph:   724-424-1505

Physical Address:
Stacey Bloom
Tax Collector
208 Poker Road
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

Phone: 724.424.1505  

Mt. Pleasant Township Tax Collector 

 Mt. Pleasant ​Township, Westmoreland county

Stacey Bloom

New payment option available!  Pay your bill here (March-Dec only).  Full payments only--Partial or late payments will be returned.  

  • Use the convenient locked drop-box to the left of the tax office door.  It will be checked daily.

  • Mail your payment to P.O. Box 123 Mammoth, PA  15664.  Mail is picked up, processed, and deposited daily.

  • Mail your payment from online banking.  Set up Mt. Pleasant Twp Tax Collector as your payee and use the PO Box address.  The payments are received in check form with your information, but they are not postmarked and do not get mailed immediately from your bank.  Allow 10 days to ensure your payment is received on time.  Use your map number as your account number.

If you require a receipt, please include a postage-paid self-addressed envelope.

Stacey's phone number is 724-424-1505 and her email address is

Stacey collects the property and per capita taxes for Mount Pleasant Township.  All payments are to be made by check or money order, (NO CASH IS ACCEPTED) payable to: Mt. Pleasant Twp Tax Collector.

Office hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00a - 4:00p

Thursday 9:00a - 7:00p

First Saturday of every month 9:00a - 12:00p.

Note: The Tax Office will observe the Holiday Hours of the Municipal Building

Property Taxes:

Township and County Taxes:
The Township and County property taxes are mailed March 1st.  They are collected at a 2% discount March and April, at face May and June. A 10% penalty is added July 1st.

Township and County taxes are collected at Stacey’s office until December 31st.

School Taxes:  
The School property taxes are mailed August 1st.  They are collected at a 2% discount August and September, at face October and November. A 10% penalty is added December 1st.

The School property taxes are collected at Stacey’s office until December 31st.

Any taxes not paid by December 31st are considered delinquent and turned over to the Westmoreland County Tax Office for collection. The tax office can be reached at: (724) 830-3428

As an eligible homestead or farmstead property owner you are permitted to make four installment payments on your school taxes. If you elect to make the payments, you are not eligible for the discount. Installments are paid at the face amount. Payment one shall be due on or before August 31st, payment two shall be due on September 30th and payment three shall be due on or before October 31st and payment four shall be due on or before November 30th of the year in which the tax is levied. Any taxpayer who fails to pay to pay the first installment of real estate tax on or before August 31st, shall be determined to have “not evidenced” an intention to pay real estate tax in installments and not eligible to participate in the installment program. If payment in full is not received by November 30th, a penalty of 10% will be assessed on the original face amount of the tax minus any payment that was made.

To change or update a mailing address, please click on the attached link for the change of address authorization form and follow the instructions accordingly.

Per Capita Taxes:
Please fill out the exoneration form if you received a bill but turned 65 prior to July 1st, are single with an income of less than $5,000 or married with an income of $8,000  (All sources are considered for income.)

Please contact Tax Collector anytime during the year if you have a name or address change. 

Delinquent Per Capita Taxes:
The G.H. Harris Collection Agency collects delinquent per capita taxes. They can be contacted at:  (570) 639-5005.

Earned Income Tax:
BERKHEIMER is Tax Administrator for Mount Pleasant Township and Mount Pleasant Area School District for the Earned Income Tax.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Berkheimer at 866-701-7206 or visit the Website at

The EIT is withheld through payroll deductions or filed directly by self-employed individuals. The tax is distributed to the municipality where the individual resides. The Township of Mt. Pleasant, the tax is withheld at the rate of 1% with .5% going to the Township and the balance to the Mt. Pleasant Area School District.

Local Services Tax Rate:

BERKHEIMER is Tax Administrator for Mount Pleasant Township collection of the Local Services Tax.  Please contact Berkheimer at (610) 599-3142 or visit the Website at

The Mount Pleasant Township/School District Local Services Tax rate is $52.00.

All employers located in Mount Pleasant Township are required to withhold the Local Services Tax from all employees, except those that file an exemption form and expect their earnings to be less than $12,000 at the rate of $52.00 a year. The Local Services Tax will be a weekly payroll deduction for each employee.